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For the Dancing and the Dreaming (piano cover) — ThePandaTooth (Youtube)

University maintenance loans and accommodation fees

I’ve just looked at my student finance payment time table and when my accommodation fees are due and the dates don’t match.

My loans come in two days after the fees are due. Is there anything I can do? Do I call the university or student finance?

Had my place confirmed yesterday and I’ve had my offer of accommodation come through today :D Uni is getting sorted out rather quickly.

I’m fully aware that I’m a few years late but I’ve just started listening to panic at the disco.


robbybenedict said:
The Underbelly check their twitter!

Bought. Thanks Sophie! :)

Mars bar cake.

5 mars bars, 2 big bars of galaxy, butter, and some rice crispies. It’s a dram for your mouth and not for diabetics. 

Two people I know are having a very nasty and public break up on facebook and I actually have popcorn.


University Options

Right so I’m starting to look at my options for university. Mainly what language I’ll be learning.

My choices are French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin and Japanese.

Now I’ve firmly crossed out French and Spanish mainly because I had them shoved down my throat when I was in primary and secondary and I just have no desire to return to the, (No offence French and Spanish people)

Mandarin sounds really hard.

So my three options are German, Italian and Japanese.

Now I’m already a little familiar with German basics so I imagine it would be a lot easier to carry on with it rather than starting a new language all together.

Italy sounds like a beautiful country rich in history, art, architecture and it’s a very passionate sounding language. (AKA it sounds very fun to swear in)

Japan also sounds like a great country to visit (And no I’m not basing that on Anime I’ve actually done research) but it also sounds a lot more difficult to learn a language with a completely different character set for written language.

I don’t know. Any tips on how you chose?


This is what I have been doing all afternoon. I REGRET NOTHING!!

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